Friday, November 6, 2009

This is how long it took me to recover from last weekend...

I have been delaying this post because I have pictures to go with it, BUT once I get into next week I will feel weird writing about this week so I will just update the post with pics when I get a chance!

Night #1
Last Friday I was an artsy nerd, and it was great! I put paint on my face, hair, and shirt. Then I had my suspenders with shorts, high socks, and red heels. The best part was my glasses :-) I know I will regreat saying this one day, but I really wish I needed glasses.
If you want to think about chaos, picture this night. My friends and I were all dressed up in our costumes and it started to rain, so we didn't want to walk over to the party and ruin our awesome getups. Bummed that we were staying in a group of us started taking shots, which led to more shots, and more. I then discovered that my chaser was actually a MIXED DRINK. Fabulous. So by the time the rain stopped, I was feeling pretty good and we walked over to a party. O! But I forgot to mention my friend has vistors: 2 guy friends and 1 girl were up from home. So at the party, the girl visting LEAVES with a RANDOM guy in a city she DOES NOT KNOW! Best part? Her phone DIES! So we all wake up the next morning and pull a Hangover moment... Where's Lisa? She doesn't know our numbers... FAIL. Somehow afternoon rolls around, and she shows up in our apartment lobby! She had to wake up, realize she was in some guy's bed (covered in blue paint from his costume), wake him up, get him to DRIVE her back INTO BOSTON. Yup. He lived outside the city. Talk about terrible safety skills.

On Sat. I was preggers Giselle and Mr. A was up so he was Tom Brady. I quite enjoyed being fake pregnant because a fake baby bump is very convient for the following things:
-Cup holder
-Crowd clearer
-Getting horror looks when you take a sip out of your drink
-Making your hips look smaller
-Letting you get beer bloated and not caring!
I would highly recommed stuffing a stuffed animal under a stretchy tight black dress and wearing some great heels next time you are out. Great fun.

I thought I would get some extra sleep because of daylight savings, but NOPE! The fire alarm goes off in our apartment at 5 AM (I got in bed at 4/4:30ish). Mr. A is not use to my fire alarm and though it was the TV... so as I was bundling up and putting on shoes he was turning on and off the TV and getting very annoyed... until I explained we had to evacuate the building. Once we were all outside, the fire department and police came... 40 min later they decide it will take a long time to clean up, so we are escorted to the lobby of another building... everyone passes out on chairs, benches, the floor. Around 7:30 we are finally let back into the building... so much for getting an extra hour of sleep!

This weekend is my roommates birthday! Hopefully it is lots of fun, and slightly less crazy!


  1. Haha! What a crazy story! The blue paint part cracked up. It sounds like you had a good weekend.

  2. crazy story, cant wait to see more from your site

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


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