Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tis the season!

I am nearing the end of another crazy week!

The good news:
I am done interviewing :-)

I have 2 job offers to decide between, both with start dates in January :-) :-)

I bought my Halloween costume!
- For those of you who live in the city, it is near impossible to find an inexpensive costume store. DO NOT FRET. iParty graciously rented space on Boylston Street for the season! I bought black suspenders, artsy/dork glasses with clear lenses a black frame and jewels on the winged out ends of the frame, and a black bowtie! I am channeling Laney Boggs from She's All That- The Freddie Prince Jr. and Paul Walker old school movie :-) I am going to be an artsy-nerd by wearing my fab. glasses, my hair in a messy up do with pencils sticking out (paint brushes cost too much sry), a white t-shirt with paint stains tucked into a pair of my black shorts with the suspenders attached, the black bowtie around my neck, and a pair of black sparkly knee highs with some pair of shoes (undetermined because I want to be cute and have heels on but thats not very dorky... maybe my red heels because they are fun?)... To get my accessories all I spent was $15! In downtown Boston! Wonderful.

The bad news:
I consumed a billion calories in peanut butter, crasins, and chocolate chips last night. Once I started, I could not stop. I also consumed 1/3 of an Apple Tart my roommate made, along with a regular day of eating (which is alot for me anyway) AND I am totally skipping working out today. Too sluggish from all my eating last night :-P

I have two exams in my classes and I have been so distracted by real life I have not prepared properly (or at all).

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  1. That's an awesome and really creative idea! I love it!!


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