Friday, October 23, 2009

Going out tonight: No excuses

So I am sure some of you think the oven ate me since I have not posted after my cooking attempt. Luckily, I am still some form of alive, but thank you for the concern :-)

I have been working and taking classes and getting interviews for potential new jobs in January.... Busy times call for wild weekends.

So as I sit at my desk, I muster the strength to think about... which heels will go best with my outfit tonight? Makes me sound like a ditz. Fact. However, I am just so mentally exhausted, that the extent of my thoughts can only be... about tonight. Any intelligent conversation will have to be postponed for another day. Maybe that's what a "dumb blonde" is... an overwork underappriciated 20 something student/employee who has nothing left to give.

Since tonight is my guy friend's birthday celebration (a group of them celebrated on his actual birthday, Tuesday night, but unfortunately some of us are not available to bar hop in the middle of the week) I want to make sure I have the energy to stay out late enough that people are not passing me on the street heading TO parties while I walk home FROM one.

Being fabulous when you feel unfabulous:

#1 Three coffees. Sounds crazy, but is true. So far I had one at 7:00 AM, one at 11:00 AM, and I will grab my third around 4:00 PM. By the time the coffee is wearing off, the party juice is kicking in and you cruise right through the night. NOTE: These coffees must all be different flavors for added variety and minor excitement (yes I love coffee that much that I get excited about trying a new flavor or rediscovering an oldie but goodie)

#2 Get dressed up. Even if you aren't going anywhere special, being primped and dressed up will help you fight the... I am going home and curling up in bed... vibe. I plan to wear a grey high waisted, thick black banded, mini with black non opaque tights and black ankle boots. The top being tucked into this skirt is debatable... probably black with some flashy necklace :-)

#3 Get ready with the girls. Music and all! and TAKE YOUR TIME. Getting to the party early before everyone has gotten started will kill all prior efforts to feel like being out.

Now you know where I will be... Ending this loong day (3.5 hours left until work is over)...finding my girls, turning on music, attempting beauty and staying caffinated.

Wow. A lot of effort, but totally worth it. I refuse to whimp out tonight. Have a good weekend everyone :-D


  1. Glad to see the oven didn't devour you.. have fun tonight!

  2. Great tips! Hope you had a great time out with the girls.


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