Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Factual Information

I have done this once before, and I will probably do it again. I am stringing together my miscellaneous thoughts in fact form.

Fact: A 45 year old man in the cubicle next to me has been playing with his ring tones for the past 25 minutes. If he makes it to a half hour, I will pour my coffee on his keyboard.

Fact: My two best friends and best roommates ever are leaving me. Come January, one will be living in New York City working for AOL, and one will be in New Jersey working for Johnson & Johnson. I know these are GREAT opportunities for them, but I am going to miss them like CRAZY. Upside? I will visit them and have excellent NYC stories :-)

Fact: I saw a pair of black sequined booties on victoriassecret.com for something like $180. I know it is crazy to pay that for a crazy pair of shoes I shouldn't even like, but I think I am in love. Classic case of falling for that which you can't have.
Do you have any guilty pleasure fad that you can't bring yourself to purchase?

Fact: As of Sunday, Mr. A and I have been dating for 6 years!
Fact: This scares the crap out of me.
Fact: I had the best anniversery ever and have not stopped smiling since :-)
Fact: I feel like some lovey dovey idiot for admitting that.
Funny how I describe myself as someone who hates commitment...

Fact: I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I need to make a list of everythign I want to discuss. Sound like OCD? It's really just that I get to the doctors and all my aches and pains and concerns I have had leading up to the visit, magically disappear. I need my list to remind me or else that part when they ask how you have been? I say great! and they ask if I have any complaints/problems/concerns... I say None :-)

I hope everyone has a great day off tomorrow!!! (If you do in fact get tomorrow off) Wish me luck at the doc! Hopefully all is well... I will provide more insight to my appointment after the fact, but for now let's just all keep our fingers crossed.


  1. I'm keeping me fingers crossed for you doll. And, btw, at least your 45 year old neighbor isn't viewing porn at work. It could be worse!

    Fabulous Finds Gal

  2. Fact: SO nervous to move to NYC and not know anyone so no worries, you'll be visiting me often. And even bring the bf! :)


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