Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doctor's Update

So many things happened at the doctors!

1) I convinced her to give me anti-anxiety pills for when I fly! Normally I shake the whole flight... I even am sore the next day as if I had been working out. PATHETIC! Now I get to pop a lil pill which will bring instant ZEN to my body for 4-6 hours :-) I also was advised to take one on a day I have literally nothing to do so I can see how my body reacts. How fun! A day of zen for no reason whatsoever!

2) The following conversation:
DOC: Are you still with the same guy?
ME: Yes
DOC: Do you wear a seatbelt?
ME: Not always... (Wondering why the doctor is speaking in child code)
DOC: **Shakes head**
ME: Well see it has really only been the one guy for six whole years so...
DOC: **Smiles/Laughs** OH! haha Sorry! I changed subjects and I didn't tell you.
ME: O! Real seatbelts? Yes. It is the first thing I put on when I get in a car! **Face SO red**
(Now really? What did you think she meant?)

3) They took my blood. Apparently, they are not convinced I am getting enough nutrients. Seems like I am either eating pure CRAP all day, or there's something wrong with me and my body isn't absorbing anything. This is not the best news... BUT they took my blood :-) So with every problem, comes a solution! I will find out next week the latest what my lazy body has done to itself AND I have officially been prescribed 1-2 TUMS a day as a calcium supplement. Strong bones.. here I come!

4) The nurse who took my blood decided to go on a fishing expedition after already sticking me with the needle! Not the funest experience. It took her literally 3 minutes (I timed her) to decide which vein to poke... after all that debating she picked one that was too skinny so she had to have the needle JUST RIGHT (Goldylocks style) to get it to work. This apparently requires her to spin the needle around my arm hoping to run into a blood supply. Thanks nurse. When she finished she says, "Wow I really made my paycheck on that one!" Hmm... Exactly what are you egtting paid? Because if that was quality why do I have a bruise the size of my fingernail where you inserted a teeeny tiny needle?

5) To end on a good note... I have 20/20 vision :-) All these years of staring at a computer screen hasn't gotten to me yet! Woohoo! (Except ever since Halloween I have been secretly wishing I needed glasses, but I guess that will come with time anyway).

Good things that have happened today:

1) I have discovered a new guilty pleasure... Fur vests (Check out Express! So soft! I would get it in brown.
2) I got a free T-shirt at work! Free T-shirts stop me from buying real workout clothes... so I may look homeless at the gym, but I will look fab. everywhere else I go!


  1. Hey Girl- Are you alright? I'm having some medical issues too! :( email me if you need to talk.

  2. That conversation between you and your doctor about "seatbelts" is HILARIOUS!


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