Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why I am moving south!

Today is my final day as an employee of public service... I would like to thank my future former employer, The City of Boston, for this lovely reminder:

"The Boston Public Health Commission advises the following precautions to stay warm and avoid the dangerous effects of extremely cold weather:

- Wear layers of comfortable clothing and warm boots or footwear that protect your feet.
- Cover exposed skin — especially ears, hands, and other extremities — as skin is vulnerable to frost bite at such low temperatures.
- Keep moving if working or playing outside.
- Avoid getting wet, and avoid walking on frozen ponds or lakes as ice may not be fully frozen.
- Drink warm, non-caffeinated fluids.
- Keep Pets Indoors."

Unfortunately it was -6 degrees yesterday with so much wind that I swear my train was almost pushed off the tracks (or maybe not but you get the picture, so these kindergarten-like reminders of how to stay warm were not enough! I must move to at least Washington D.C. to get minimum 10 degrees back in my life to unfreeze the blood in my veins.

Today I am being taken out to a (hopefully) lovely goodbye lunch, finishing my work (or letting my mind wander to figure out what to wear tomorrow!), and heading home. New, fancy, corporate job starts Monday! Hurrah!

P.S. I mentioned in yesterday's post I needed ideas on how to spend $100... No worries Micheal Kors and I figured out a way to spend much much more than that silly hundred :-P

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  1. Are you really leaving?! Gosh, I must have mised SO much. Now I am going to go back and troll through old posts to see if you're joking. Boston needs you! :)

    Oh, and ps... Happy NYE! :)


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