Friday, June 5, 2009

Online Dating

I have been up since 3 AM for no reason at all. Luckily I had HGTV to keep me company. I have to get through my work day, go home, change into "child approporiate" clothes (which I am pretty sure I do not own) and go to a 5?? year old's birthday party in the 'burbs. She's The Boy's cousin (his aunts and uncles got married later and are all just starting their families). I am not the best with kids (to put it nicely). My mother was never a "mommy"; she never babied my sister and me (which I know appreciate as an "adult"). She was more of a wise friend who pulled me out of class to go shopping because she was bored home alone all day. Anyway, I think that my uncomfortableness around kids is partly because my mom was like that too. And the point of this ramble is that I am making some sacrifices today by going to this party so hopefully everythign will go smoothly (but really when does anything go smoothly? NEVER so I am sure I will return with a bunch of terrible moments and you can laugh in my misery). :-P

There have been several bridal showers in town of people who met online. Online dating is something I used to find weird, but not anymore. I decided its unrealistic to expect you to find your "soul mate" (if you believe in that stuff) grabbing the same carton of milk at the grocery store and your eyes meet and then hearts explode over your head. So why wouldn't matching up the millions of people online with their interests ect. online work? The only issue I still have is that I do not tend to go for guys who like all the same things as me... but I can see how if you find someone like that it may be helpful when figuring out weekend plans. Anybody have an opinion on this online dating trend?

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  1. As heartless as this sounds, i think online dating should be reserved for the "final straw"... basically, the 'when all else fails' plan.

    Today, there are just SO many places to meet potential partners (or at least good friends) face to face... work, clubs, and yes... the milk ailse at the grocery store.

    I say that, but then again... online dating, heck i'd give it a try!!

  2. In the present days online dating has become a popular vogue. Its a fastest way of meeting other singles


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