Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movie Madness

The Proposal: Very cute movie. I probably wouldn't buy it on DVD, but it is definetly a movie to see at least once. Ryan is adorable and him and Sandra work really well together. The ending is perfect. We enjoyed some ice cream before the movie and three of us split a yummy popcorn with butter (because you only live once)
Fav. Quote: "Marry me because I'd like to date you."

Since the rain is keeping me inside watching TV and movies instead of outside reading and sunbathing, I have put together a list of movies I neeed to remember to see...
1) My Sister's Keeper
2) Transformers (1 and 2)
3) New Moon
4) The Ugly Truth
5) I Love You Beth Cooper

Hmm except all of those are going to be in theaters (except the 1st Transformers) so I will have to save up!!! When did the movies get sooo expensive! Seeing those 5 movies costs over $50!

Getting taken out to lunch by my coworkers and my boss and my boss's boss and my boss's boss's boss (follow that?). Hopefully I dont spill spaghetti sauce all over myself or inhale my meal like I usually do. Time to use those table manners! Wish me luck! Any foods you avoid on a business lunch?


  1. My mom and I are planning to go see My Sister's Keeper tomorrow afternoon, and I'm planning on taking the whole box of tissues! Have you read the book? Soo good!

  2. I just read the book, I love you Beth Cooper - so funny! Good luck with lunch :)

  3. Just to point out.. Sandra Bullock is wearing $1000 Louboutine heels... yummyyyy


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