Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I finally stopped myself from alternating spoons of peanut butter and nutella and got myself to the gym.

I open my latest Lucky... the best magazine ever to cure a shopping block.

I see this ad:

Hence, WTF? Really? She is taking a picture of her... balls? Well now I MUST go get whatever they are selling! um... no.

Speaking of being ballsey... I mentioned a couple posts ago I was going to start saying YES to more things. sorry for the lame transition)

I have signed up for the same race I did last year. 7.5 miles around the Charles River. I have not run in ages, but according to random sites I only need 10-12 weeks to train, so I can worry about that later.

I have also been invited to a Passion Party (refrain from clicking if at work).
This seems very strange to me, but it is my distant friend's first Valentine's Day being single in 4 years! She is having drinks and food and promising an entertaining night. If you couldn't or chose not to click, apparently passion paties are like jewlery parties, but replace jewlery with sex toys and accessories. I DEFINETLY will not be buying anything, but meeting some new girls and reconnecting with old ones could be fun! Especially with A LOT of wine and baked goods to fog out the XXX rated merchandise. It seems like it is done in a fun way not raunchy. Anybody been to one of these? To go or not to go... stay posted.

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  1. Please go! And I want to hear all about it so step up your texting game asap


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