Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Adult Diaper?

I have decided that there is something very wrong with me. I pee more than the pregnant lady that sits near me. I am so thirsty all the time. I drink water/coffee/water/tea REPEAT!

I am also very tired, because I wake up 20 million times a night to pee! This prevents REM which equals a bad night of sleep. This also has created a rash on my hands from washing so much and now using lotion! (how my work has mouthwash in the bathroom but no lotion I will not understand)

I even had to leave a meeting to pee... and I had just gone before it started!
But ENOUGH about my bladder... or lack of...

My first question today is: What is the proper length of morning for a break-up?
I have heard ratios such as 1/3 of the length of the relationship.
I have heard a standard 2 weeks.

My next question is: Where did my roommate meet the nicest friends of all time?
We are receiving "Keep your chin up" chocolate gift baskets... "You deserve better than him" cookie jars (filled)... apparently an edible arrangement is on the way?

Now if only the girl who went through the break-up (a month ago) was eating all of it! Nope her silly roommate... ME... gets it ALL. Which is lovely for my love of all things delicious... but I am starting to feel bad hogging all the YUM / my hips are starting to hog all the fabric on my jeans (minor exaggeration... but it FEELS that way :-P) I am thinking I am just going to accept my chocolate hibernation because that AWFUL VDAY is coming up and chocolate is the only good part!

My feelings about VDAY have not changed. I just appreciate the surprise teddy bear for no reason other than he was thinking of me more than forced celebration because of this random day. I admire those who are naturally sweet enough to love VDAY though :-) I just cannot make a big event of it... some chocolate, champagne and a movie night in is good enough for me! OR last year we had an ANTI VDAY Beruit Tournament. Now that is fun! What is your love/hate relationship with VDAY like?

Well.. Cheers! I am off to drink more champagne water and eat more chocolate fruit!

P.S. EVERYONE (whether you hate VDAY or love it) GO SEE THIS 2.12.10!


  1. wow! gift baskets??! That reminds me of that movie along came polly where the guy came back from his honeymoon where his wife cheated, and he had the huge gift basket and dating for dummies book.

  2. I don't mean to alarm you but I read your blog sometimes and was struck by your comments on having to use the bathroom often. I have a daughter with type 1 diabetes and before she was diagnosed she was drinking and using the bathroom all the time. Again, its probably nothing but if it continues I would recommend getting it checked out by your doctor.


I read these comments daily. Thank you for sharing :-)