Monday, February 22, 2010

Passionate People

My Passion Package from the Passion Party has arrived! First a recap on the night.

I was very anxious going. My mom was very very open about sex when I grew up, so I have never been squimish or giggly about it, but going to a sex toy party is a whole new level that I was not sure I could do! It didn't help that the only person I knew was the hostess! I prepared a cheese and cracker plate with some grapes. There was a lot of yummy food:

The party was decorated really cute with Valentine's Day decorations, heart confetti, and cute goodie bags with a heart lollipop, heart ring, and "Her Pleasure" condoms :-P

Everything was done so girly that I would seriously describe the night as "cute". The evening started out pretty PG with yummy smeling lotions, then delicous tasting cremes, and from there it started getting worse. Luckily I was double fisting wine and cupcakes so I could handle "toss the ring on the strap-on" a fun little game where the hostess has to wear one (it was purple apparently if they make things pink or purple it should less intimidating) and each guest gets three rings to toss on it while she stands... the winner won free stuff! I lost... I think I am OK at not being talented at this game.

Overall, good eats and drinks, good people, and good laughs! There was some pressure to order stuff, so I got a heart shaped pad with magic crystals that turn into a warm gel massager! She rubbed creme on our arms with it and it felt like I was in a spa. Sure it was probably the least scandalous thing there, but an at home spa treatment feel is all the pampering I need :-) Apparently puting it on cramps during that time of the month is a god send! We shall see...

Ever left your comfort zone? Good/Bad experience?


  1. Yeah, I see how that could be uncomfortable. I like to be conservative about those sorts of things as well, but I guess sometimes it's about being silly at those type events.

  2. Ahh, that's too funny but cute! I'm a little dirty-minded so I don't mind talking about that stuff/being around it but it might be a bit uncomfortable with everyone else there, for sure. Let us know how that creme works!

    And girl ... there aren't any shoes to fill here, it's just a blog of randomness, and I'd love it if you could fill in for a guest blog! I'll probably be doing it for a week and a half starting next Monday, so just let me know which day works for you and we can talk about it <3


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