Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet nothings

I have been trying to plan this event that is finally going down tonight. We have 4 guest speakers planned and I went out to buy them thank you gifts last night and placed a $60 pizza order for the audience (because if they don't care about the panelists at least they will come for the pizza).

I got super stressed suddenly because I checked my e-mail when I got home ($120 later) and saw a lovely message from a peer saying "So I am ordering a bunch of varieties of pizzas and sodas and I bought the presenters scarves".

Seriously? We are going to spend a bajillion dollars on pizza and go super cheap on the gifts? This is how men approach a budget? ARGH! Not to mention I had already said I would take over the gifts and refreshments!

So I flipped out and said some very mean things to Mr. A... he was telling me some story about work and I said something along the lines of "What is your problem? Grow up, who cares? This job is not supposed to be forever. Move on!"

Ouch. It hurt just to write it.

He got really quiet and said sorry, he didn't mean to catch me at a bad time (picture the really hurt, quiet, "I just got shot down" voice). I Instantly felt awful. I explained i had just opened a really annoying e-mail and I didn't mean to let it out on him. He had me explain what had happened, and then he said:

"Ok. So here is what we should do. Both of you cancel the pizza orders. I will go out, buy dough, tomato sauce, cheese, even some meat variety and make you 6 pizzas for about $40 for materials. You get more pizzas for less, and the money you save can go towards the gifts."

Awwww. After me being a bitch, he still wants to help and calm me down AND is understanding <3
I of course did not make him be a pizza man, but as I have ALWAYS said, it is the thought in the small daily gestures that counts :-)

And you thought my heart was made of coal! Well I guess this post proves more that HIS heart isn't made of coal. I am still the mean one. Hm, at least we balance each other! :-P

Ew sry. No more sappiness.

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