Monday, March 1, 2010

Blonder and Dumber

On January 24th I looked in the mirror and saw grossness. My stick striaght hair had out grown all the style, layer, angles, bangs and whatnot and my multitoned pretending to be natural highlights had grown out enough to show their true colors. I made the ultimate girl mistake... calling my hairdresser the day I needed the appointment. Fail.

On Feburary 27th when my appointment FINALLY came (he is not a celebrity stylist or anything just LOVES to take vacations and works at salons in various cities throughout the state so he has limited availability ALWAYS) I was very excited. I even turned down a chance to go to NYC with a friend because I knew I was too gross looking to be seen under those bright lights.

My hairdresser had run into my mom and sister. This is why I should not go to the same hair dresser as them. They have naturall darker hair than me and when you compare my natural color to my lightest highlight it looks dark, but my roots had grown in SO MUCH by the time my appointment got around you got to see my real root color. Definetly lighter than my sister and mom... which he pointed out... and was very excited... and an hour later I left the salon much too blonde. He apparently wanted to keep the natural look but I think he got confused because my hair might be lighter than the rest of the fam, but it is NOT blonde AT ALL. He said it was "dirty blonde". I used to say that but I am sticking with light brown with highlights.

It normally looks so perfect. I am too blonde. Hopefully blondes do have more fun.

For some more failures... I let me phone go for a swim in the toilet on Friday night. It is suprisingly coming back to life... slowly. Sadly this is not the first time I have done this. I do not recommend putting your cell in your back jeans pocket. Lil guy slips right out when you go to pee!

I also do not recommend clicking to download random spyware. It could not be spyware. It COULD be a VIRUS. So misleading. Now my laptop is slipping into a cyber abyss. Stupid people who have nothign else to do with their time but create these tricky things. "O I know! Let's get all the overly cautious people and have them THINK they are protecting their precious files but INSTEAD we will kill them!"

To end on a positive note... Blonde or Brunette, Cell phone or no cell phone I AM going to NYC this weekend :-)

What to wear...?


  1. To end on a positive note... Blonde or Brunette, Cell phone or no cell phone I AM going to NYC this weekend :-)


    p.s. you capitalize the most random words

  2. It probably looks cute! I went from darker to lighter, and everybody likes it better.

  3. Your hair is probably adorable--don't fret! Enjoy your weekend in NYC! :)


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