Sunday, January 10, 2010

Plans change, roll with it!

Courtesy of my new employer, I am going to the Celtics game tomorrow :-)
Free food and drink will be provided!
I am very excited to mingle with my new co-workers, enjoy the game, and of course the food!

I know I mentioned that today was move in day for my new roommates, but life is always changing! The roommates I was going to have got jobs elsewhere and no longer need Boston housing. For now, I will be living alone! We shall see how this goes... I could end up loving it, or being very sad and lonely :-P

The biggest problem so far is I have nobody here to make me feel guilty about having a mess and sitting around eating up a storm! Maybe I will get sick of it on my own...

I have spent all Sat. and Sun. sitting around, pigging out, and watching TV. It has been very relaxing and quite enjoyable. I started watching Platinum Weddings on We thinking I would hate it, but then I ended up watching it for hours! $50,000 for a photographer? $27,000 for a dress? $115,000 for a ring? It is amazing how much some people spend! One couple's budget was $400,000 for their wedding, another couple admitted they did not even bother making a budget! Hahaha O being filthy rich... One day, right?


  1. Dude come visit me. 24-hour diner in my hotel - chocolate chip pancakes ANY time you want them! It's magical

  2. Enjoy the Celtics - I am SO jealous! Ugh! :)


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