Thursday, January 14, 2010

No longer alone!

Last Monday after the amazing Celtics game (we lost but it was close.. A for effort guys) I come home to a suitcase... in my living room. Next to the suitcase? A PERSON!

But nobody was moving in anymore right? NOPE wrong! Apparently she was living with her boyfriend of 2.5 years and they broke up, so she needed somewhere to live, fast. She is actually very nice and we have a lot in common, so besides the initial shock, I am very happy :-)

Anyway, I had a nice relaxing weekend and even saw Obama yesterday! He came into Boston to support the Democratic party running for the MA seat in Senate. I tend to be Republican, but Obama is a celebrity so I stood outside and froze to death to catch a glimpse of the man. I have to figure out what why I am voting on Tuesday because apparently "every vote counts" this time... except don't they tell us that every time? The news did sounds pretty convincing last night, so it is time to do a little political research!

This week is the Jersey Shore season finale! This is a show I tried SO HARD not to watch! But it is like a train wreck and you cannot turn it off! At least it is over after this week and I do not need to see "The Situation" cause more problems and all that gel... come on guys lay off the hair products :-P

I also am very excited for The Pregnancy Pact on Lifetime. It is the movie based on the 18 high school girls that got pregnant on purpose! Very sad, but I am intrigued into WHY they thought that was a good idea!

I have realized that grocery shopping before a long weekend is a really bad idea, because all I do is sit around and eat all my new food until there is none left! Off to watch All About Aniston on Lifetime and finish what is left in my cabinets... Maybe if all the crap is gone, I can actually try to eat well tomorrow!

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  1. Oh wows, it's always fun having a roomate, even on such short notice. Too bad about the break-up, though. Is it someone you've known for a while?

    I find "Jersey Shore" to be the ultimate guilty pleasure ... you can't help but watch the craziness haha.

    Hope you've had a good rest of the week and have a great weekend :)


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