Friday, March 12, 2010

Who needs sleep!

Last weekend I was in NYC visiting some of my favorite people :-)

It was so much fun! The only problem was that by last "weekend" I actually mean Sat. night. Quite literally. I did not get there until 5:30PM (thanks traffic)! And my bus back to Bean-town was at... 7:10AM!! My friend is currently living in a hotel (so glamorous!) and in typical NYC fashion there is a 24 diner right next door... except what makes it even BETTER is that there is an entrance from inside the hotel meaning fresh 24 hr. diner food without ever going outside!

We went to a Mexican restaurant that was delicious and we got some Margaritas to start off the night. Mine was Passion Fruit and AMAZING! The restaurant was fun with music playing loud enough that you felt like you could get up and dance, but not too loud that you couldn't talk!

Next we went back to the hotel and got tired (food plus a little alcohol = nap) but you can't sleep in NYC so we went to the diner for coffee :-)

Then it was time to get (or at least try to get) beautiful! Hair/makeup/wardrobe change and some wine before we were out the door to head to a bar/lounge type place. I guess the night was Mexican themed because the bar only served Mexican beer! So Corona with a lime it was :-) (for $8!!) small price to pay to enjoy the city. The inside had brick walls with candles in the walls and wax piled up and dripped down the sides. Very cool vibe.. I would attempt this decorating style at home, except my apartment would become a bonfire in seconds.

Got back to the hotel at 3:30? Straight to the diner for pancakes! I got chocolate chip and they were AMAZING three giant pancakes, but they were piled on top of each other and I cut right down.. so really it's only one right?

A nice little nap from 4:30-6:30? and off to the train. Seeing my friends was def. worth the lack of sleep... not like I sleep much anyway! We took pictures... I am not a huge picture post-er, but if you want pictures I will bring them on!

This weekend I am going home to see the fam, since it has been awhile and I need some good home cooking! (and the delicious treats I am too cheap to buy myself/ have no willpower to keep in my apartment).

New Addiction:
PB Twix bar... Literally a long thick Oreo cookie topped with a thick layer of PB and coated in milk chocolate!
I also tried the new Milky Way bar but cannot remember the name. The cookie in that badboy tastes like Astronaut Ice Cream. Never had space food? Its like an airy crunch weirdness.. not bad though!

7.5 Miler Update: I have strained a muscle in my foot and ignored it so my body started using weird muscles when I walk and stuff, which caused my ankle and calf to be ruined too. I was thinking about trying to start training a little early, but I met with a PT guy who said no running for at least a month? and I am supposed to foam roll every day?! It is hard enough to get me to the gym to work out, but I hate stretching (hence my injury) so I really wont be going to foam roll (ever done this? it feels like kneading a knot out KILLS). Might have to go buy one... apparently he said I need new sneakers too... I am NOT a runner I just like this one run because it gets me outside when the weather is nice. Now I have all these new investments! Fail. At least it is going to rain in lovely Boston for the next 2 weeks and I wouldn't even consider leaving my apartment anyway!

I hope you are experiencing some better weather/luck. If not.. chew on a Twix, but make it PB :-)

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  1. I would like pictures, por favore! Sounds like some crazy NYC adventures, though I'd probably want to venture the streets, too ... maybe not that late hehe, but I've never been to NYC so I'd be a total tourist. Glad you had some good times and now you've got me craving diner food :D

    By the way, sorry about never getting back to you to confirm the guest blog ... next time I'd definitely like you to write one if you'd still like to! :)


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