Friday, March 5, 2010

Take a shot- save a finger

Aw thank you everyone for being so nice about the hair :-)
It is better already... I had forgotten how much lighter highlights are right after getting them done. I had also forgotten how DRY hair is after getting them done! I have been washing my hair every other day (gross?) to stop it from looking like a hay stack! Much improved though... switching back to every day promise! Do you wash your hair every day? Magazines and stuff do not recommend it actually, but my hair is thin and straight and its that or being a grease ball...

Anyway so this week I have discovered a great reason to stick with cheap non flavored alcohol (besides the perks of the cheapness in the city prices are jacked up 10% I swear). OK so from the beginning... Monday I woke up with a swollen hot throbbing finger... weird? Maybe for some but I always seem to have something wrong so I ignored it, until Wednesday. I was enjoying some ABC Comedy Wednesday (Modern Family and Cougar Town) when my finger started pussing (gross factor again... sorry). Naturally, I googled and was told I needed to get my finger amputated, but after more research I confidently diagnosed myself with Paronychia. This is actually a nail infection caused by water entering an opening between your nail and your skin and becoming a bacteria garden (awesome!). So I then Skyped my parents and held a normal finger and the grime finger up to the camera to show them my dilemma... they told me to seek medical attention. But why? When I have some handy dandy bacteria fighting alcohol sitting in my freezer! So instead of going through the hassle of going into work late and going to an early doc appointment, I poured a shot of Roubinoff vodka and stuck my finger in it during my shows.

Woke up next day. MAGIC. Finger was not hot which means no more infection! BOOM! Healed. Today it is even less swollen! BAMN! I now feel comfortable enough using my Google M.D. to prescribe cheap vodka to all in pain. Enjoy!


  1. Haha! That's so funny that you used vodka for your home remedy. Glad it worked!

  2., I'll have to try that sometime.


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