Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Legal Cocaine

I know you are all wondering if I have drowned in the streets of Boston... despite flood warnings galor I am suprising upbeat! The magic? LEGAL COCAINE (AKA a MULTIVITAMIN!)

My stomach disorder makes me prone to nutrient deficiencies which makes me tired and weak and lightheaded... which brought me to Dr. Google who diagoised me with secondary anemia! All that means is I am low on iron which is actually pretty common in females. I took my "prescription" to CVS and got One a Day Teen Advantage. I am technically not a teen but I heard that some people get naucious with multivitamins so I figured it would be gentler and it had all the same vitamins/minerals as the woman pill except MORE vitamin C and more pills for the same cost. I love a good deal.

So I have been taking these magic pink drugs for almost a week now and I feel sososo much better. Much less irritable, unable to regulate body temp. and all the other annoying symptoms! YAY :-) I do not know why I was so against vitamins... I guess it felt like cheating? Now my mom wants me to jump on the fish oil pill boat, but I don't think I am ready for that yet :-P

What is really on crack is this season of Dancing With The Stars! This cast is crazy! Anybody else watching this unfold?

And speaking of dancing (like my segways today?) here are some pictures inside the club in NYC I went to:

ahhh the good days.


  1. Oh wows, glad the multivitamins help! My boyfriend has some Vitamin C ones at his house that have a 'tropical' flavour and I love them haha. And I only see the last 5 minutes of "Dancing With the Stars" since it's right before "Castle" and they actually got some pretty big names on there ... though I have no clue what Kate's doing there! And I love your segway, looks like some in an NYC club :D

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